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All Local Community and Commercial Radio Stations Receivable in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia

If you are a resident of Gladstone, Queensland, and a passionate radio listener, you probably know that keeping up with your favorite stations has never been easier. With numerous local community and commercial radio stations, there is always a station that will satisfy your music taste, provide you with the latest news or commentary, and keep you entertained throughout the day. In this article, we will review all the radio stations that are receivable in Gladstone, Queensland, Australia, and provide their band and frequency information.

1. Hot FM

  • Band: FM
  • Frequency: 93.9 MHz
  • Description: Hot FM is a commercial radio station that broadcasts to Gladstone 24/7. It primarily plays top 40 hits, but you can also expect to hear some classic rock hits, pop songs, and hip-hop music.

2. ABC Capricornia

  • Band: AM
  • Frequency: 837 kHz
  • Description: As part of the national Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) network, ABC Capricornia provides a mix of news, current affairs, and entertainment. You can tune in for local and international news updates, weather reports, sport news, and feature stories.

3. 4CC

  • Band: AM
  • Frequency: 927 kHz
  • Description: As one of Gladstone's oldest radio stations, 4CC has established itself as a reputable source of news, current affairs, and music. You can tune in for local and national news, talk shows, and a variety of music genres that range from country and rock to pop and jazz.

4. Zinc 927

  • Band: FM
  • Frequency: 92.7 MHz
  • Description: Zinc 927 is a commercial radio station that offers a mix of music, news updates, and talk shows. You can expect to hear the latest hits from popular artists and bands, as well as news and commentary on local and national issues.

5. Rebel FM

  • Band: FM
  • Frequency: 89.3 MHz
  • Description: As a rock and alternative music radio station, Rebel FM is ideal for those who enjoy listening to obscure bands, indie rock, and alternative tunes. You can also get your fix of classic rock hits and metal music.

6. Rhema FM

  • Band: FM
  • Frequency: 93.7 MHz
  • Description: Rhema FM is a Christian-based radio station that provides listeners with positive and uplifting music, as well as spiritual guidance and teachings. You can tune in for religious programs, devotionals, and prayers.

7. Bay FM

  • Band: FM
  • Frequency: 93.9 MHz
  • Description: Bay FM is a community radio station that broadcasts a variety of programs, including music, talk shows, and interviews. You can hear a mix of music genres, from indie pop and rock to classical and jazz.

8. Triple J

  • Band: FM
  • Frequency: 92.3 MHz
  • Description: As part of the ABC network, Triple J is a popular radio station that caters to young and alternative audiences. You can tune in for the latest in indie rock, pop, and electronic music, as well as comedy shows and talk shows.

9. 91.9 Fresh FM

  • Band: FM
  • Frequency: 91.9 MHz
  • Description: 91.9 Fresh FM is another community radio station that provides a mix of music and talk shows. You can tune in for a variety of music genres, from classic rock and pop to hip-hop and R&B.

Radio in Gladstone

Gladstone has a diverse and extensive radio landscape, and regardless of your music taste and interests, there is always a radio station that will meet your needs. From commercial radio stations that focus on top 40 hits and mainstream genres, to community radio stations that provide a unique blend of music and talk shows, Gladstone's radio stations offer something for everyone.

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